How to get rid of moodiness of your boyfriend

Not only girls have a bad hair days. That happens to guys too. They pretend to be the ones, who are never moody and when a girl is moody, they tend to blame her for it. Or the period. Or hormones. Or anything else. The truth is, they also have hormones, they also have periods of their lives, when not everything goes as planned. If they have emotions and feelings, that means they must be moody too. Only they might be better in hiding it. However, when your boyfriend is getting moody, do not start a fight right away using the argument, that you know they also have a bad hair days. Just try to think, what could you do for him to feel better.


Give him time with his mates

I know I know. When they are together, they are going mental. Suddenly you don´t recognize him and you think you made a mistake choosing him. But it is same for all the men. They all change, when they are with their male friends. But they just need it. Somehow when they are home with their girls, taking care of them, saying a sweet word and doing a sweet gestures, this is not them. This can only fill a part of them. They still must feel like being a man. Swearing, farting, burping, and talking about fast cars and fights. This is all fine and natural. Leave it to them.


Give him a good sexual time

Sometimes sex can be an answer to moodiness. People can´t sleep, when they lack sex, they feel uptight and stress easier. Even if you have a headache, try to challenge yourself to make a nice sexual surprise. I am sure, he will love it. And he might not even want to hang out with his mates. You can surprise him with penis massage You can either use your imagination or inspire yourself at professionals. Learn, how to make a great therapy, when at the end, there is a sweet treat. All the moodiness will be most likely gone in that right moment.

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